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SMSL SD-022 24Bit 96K TE7022 DAC USB to Coxial / Optical DTS AC3 PCM converter

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  • Support for mainstream operating system
  • Support 24Bit 96K digital audio signal output
  • Support PCM, AC3, DTS digital audio formats
  • Precision CNC machining, chaoliang appearance


1.USB input / output
2.the optimal USB decoder / sound card for the notebook computer output
3.USB charging plug
4.SD-022+ use domestic and foreign senior enthusiasts praise the high-end USB TE7022L chip as the core receiving chip, TE7022L
5.support 24bit, 96KHz USB input audio chip, USB chip can only support to 16bit, 44.1KHz. TE7022L also support ASIO mode.
6.SD-022+ use CIRRUS LOGICCS4344 inside IIS decoding for analog signal, CS4344 support to 24bit, 192KHz DAC chip, parameter index is very good.
7.SD-022+ Mini shell and the direct use of computer USB interface power supply, easy to carry.
8.SD-022+ supports mainstream operating system ( Windows2000 and over /MAC OS 9.1 and above operating system ). Plug and play, very easy to use.
Sample rate: 16Bit/24Bit 32K/44.1K/48k/96k
Dimensions: 80mm ( L ) x 20mm ( H ) x50mm ( W )
Packing weight: About 350g
The shell color: Black
Warranty period: 1 years


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Aug 19, 2016 1:20:13 AM
does this support android lollipop or marshmallow usb audio out?
Aug 19, 2016 1:20:13 AM
Hi ian,SMSL SD-022 had stop product.You can choose other product.Thank you.

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Baul Adrien
Jun 19, 2013 1:01:06 PM
I connected to my DAC, I feel the sound is going up to a new level, more wonderful than the original DAC USB interface, Layering is particularly, and I think it should be better in the future. The appearance is really good.
In a word, this DAC is very small and easy to carry, the effect is very good and seller has a very good service attitude