SMSL SD-192 Pro 24Bit / 192KHz WM8805 + ES9023 Optical Coaxial Mini DAC

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  • Sound quality is very good
  • Use WM8805 and ES9023 Chips 
  • Stable and superior performance 
  • SD-192 PRO is an upgraded version of SD-192


SD-192 PRO is an upgraded version of SD-192 's . SD-192 PRO WM8805 done using a digital receiver circuit receives the demodulation decoding section using ES9023, reach 192Khz/24Bit. Chipset with very sound , stable and superior performance . DAC 500 yuan less than the current seemingly only SD-192 PRO with the same output level
CD player with mainstream standards and have a mute function .

SD-192 PRO can be connected to PCs and LCD TV set-top boxes · · · HDD player game · CD · DVD · MD and other devices with optical fiber or coaxial audio output . Now a large number of high-end LCD TV & set-top boxes with no analog audio output with optical fiber or coaxial output , SD-192 PRO decoded. Sound quality is very good.

SD-192 PRO provides RCA lotus seat and 3.5 headphone port two kinds of output , allowing you to wire match. Although there is no added 3.5 headphone port zoom function , but 2V ES9023 output enough to drive most of the headphones.

SD-192 PRO is compatible with DC9-15V wide voltage power supply of . Inside the machine to receive and decode the independent regulator power to the machine provides the basis for superior performance . Similar components of the machine are the same brand to chooseAvoid unnecessary coloration. Whether with optional components or PCB traces are reflected double wooden Salim engineers responsible for product quality attitude and pursuit.




Input interface ( strong signal priority , without switching ) :
1 : quasi- square optical interface
2 : Lotus (RCA) coaxial interface

Output Interface:
1,3.5 MM headphone jack
2 , Lotus (RCA) analog interface

Power supply : AC100-240V
External dimensions : 90 deep × 50 mm wide × 21 high
Color: Black
Weight : 350G
Housing material : aluminum

Customer Questions & Answers


Is it the upgrade version of SD-192? Regards G.

7/22/14 11:25 PM Asked.

Yes, it is the upgrade version of SD-192. Thanks

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Does this product come with an external power supply for Australia i.e. AU plug?

8/20/14 7:24 PM Asked.

Yes, i can ship the AU Plug to you. Thanks

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Bonjour,    L'alimentation livrée est a la norme EU ?  Merci  Michel

9/29/14 4:31 AM Asked.

Oui, je peux vous envoyer la fiche Eu. Merci / Yes, i can ship you the Eu plug. Thanks

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adam Kaplan
adam Kaplan

Which sounds better, this or the Sanskrit? Thanks

11/6/14 12:43 PM Asked.

Sanskrit sounds is better than SD-192 Pro, It's function is more than SD-192 Pro Thanks..

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Does this dac support DTS, AC3 and Dolby Digital?

1/28/15 7:54 PM Asked.

Sorry , the SD-192 PRO don't suppor DTS, AC3 and Dolby Digital. Thanks.

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How do you switch between coax and optical?    Does it switch automatically when there is input? If so, which input has priority?    Is it always on when powered?

11/19/16 12:07 PM Asked.

Hi Joris,SD - 192 don't need the fiber optics or coaxial input, which strong signal will be output corresponding to the road signs.Is it always on when powered.Thank you.

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Hi! When will this product be in stock again? It seems to be just the thing I need!

11/24/16 4:57 AM Asked.

Hi Lars,The SMSL SD-192 Pro had stop product.Maybe you can check other product.We can give you some discount.We have big discounts on Black Friday.You can check it.Thank you.

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I might want to get something like SMSL SD-192 Pro or maybe a Sanskrit product - I just need the DAC functionality. Will any of these products be on sale Black Friday or can you make me special quote on any of them?

11/24/16 7:00 AM Asked.

Hi Lars,the smsl m3 is same as SMSL SD-192 Pro .Please check it.And many smsl product have discount in blcak friday.Thank you.

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