SMSL SD-398 DAC Coaxial/Optical/USB Input Decoder +Headphone Amplifier

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  • SMSL SD-398 supports 24bit/96khz
  • The SD-398 has passed the safety test.
  • High-pressure AC2500V/5ma/60S test displays no flashover
  • Chipset: CS4398-CZZ, DIR9001 TE7022L, the OPA2604, JRC5532DD

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Input Frequency: 44.1,48,96 KHZ/16/24BIT 
SNR:> 115db 
Dynamic Range: 105db 
Distortion: 1KHZ% 0.0006 
Rated output: 1.8VPP 
Frequency response :20-20KHz (-0.2 dB) 
Total power <10W 
Headphone output power: 300R/200mw 
headphone output distortion: 1KHZ% 0.036 
Machine size: 144 * 216 * 45mm 
Weight: 1.5Kg (actual transport weight outside of the packaging structure date) 
Configuration: SD-398 host, a manual (in English), a USB cable (Akihabara), 6.5 switch to 3.5 adapter, power cord one.
Voltage: 100-120ACV and 220-240ACV two versions

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Hi there. I want to buy your daily deal smsl sd 398 DAC at S$159.88. When I click n put in cart, the price becomes S$215.91 . Why is this so?

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Hi Alfred,Please try again.Thank you.

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