SMSL SD-793II PCM1793 DIR9001 DAC Digital Audio Decoder + Headphone Amplifier

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  • Uses the top digital receiver chip DIR9001
  • Can receive 4bit/96K signals at the highest
  • Uses the world 's best D/A decode chip PCM1793
  • Uses the classic match DIR9001+PCM1793+OPA2134

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The main chip set:DIR9001+PCM1793+OPA2134 ,that are classic match, timbre. 

SD-793II shell uses the aluminum material, CNC high precision machining, drawing oxidation processing, custom solid aluminum knob ( anti-slipping design ). 

SD-793II decoder uses the top digital receiver chip DIR9001,  can receive 24bit/96K signals at the highest. DIR9001 is the lowest jitter digital audio receiver. DAC decoding uses the world 's best D/A decode chip PCM1793 ( 192K/24BIT analog to digital conversion chip ). Output uses active low pass filter - in-line package OPA2134 ( like DIY friends can replace this IC tune tone ). 

SD-793II decoder can be used computer, LCD TV, CD, DVD, MD and other audio equipment that have  coaxial or optical fiber interface .


Technical Parameters :

Signal Output : RCA 2 Channel Output
Digital Receiver : DIR9001
DAC Chip : PCM1793
OPA2134 and WIMA caps
Print : Laser Carve
Case : Aluminium

Input interfaces: coaxial / Optical (with switch)
Input Frequency: 44.1,48,96 KHZ/16/24BIT
SNR:> 113db
Dynamic Range: 105db
Distortion: 1KHZ% 0.0006 following
Rated output: 1.7VPP
Frequency response :20-20KHz (-0.2 dB)
Total output power: 3W
Earphone output power: 65mW @ 16Ω; 130mW @ 32Ω
Headphone output distortion: 0.01% THD + N _AT_ 100mW/32Ω
Machine size: 128 * 77 * 35mm (including protruding parts)
Weight: 0.5Kg
Configuration: SD-793II x 1, the manual (in English), Japan PSE certification power x 1
Voltage: 100-240ACV global power


SD-793II * 1

the manual (in English) *

power supply (110-220V) * 1


Customer Questions & Answers


Hello, does this come with a warranty and what is the difference between Free Shipping and DHL options?

9/22/15 11:55 AM Asked.

Yes, it have one year warranty. Free shipping will cost more time to delivery, DHL will just cost 3-7 working days. Thanks.

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Can this be paired with the SMSL SA-160 amplifier?

1/28/16 11:35 AM Asked.

Yes,it can .

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Hello  This DAC accept a headphone SHENNHEISER HD540 with impedance 600 ohms ?  thanks  didier

6/23/16 11:36 AM Asked.

Hi Didier,SMSL SD-793II can accept Shennheiser HD540 with impedance 600 ohms.Thank you.

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Are there device specific drivers for this? I looking for the appropriate ASIO driver. Thank you

9/25/16 3:38 PM Asked.

Hi Navid,This not a USB input, so don't need driver.Thank you.

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Mike Buhagiar
Mike Buhagiar

hello - i'd like to know the following please.  Does the volume control change the output of the rear left and right RCA channels? Its not clear if its is only the headphone socket that is controlled    Mike

3/30/17 10:14 AM Asked.

Hi Mike,the volume control only the headphone socket that is controlled.Thank you.

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Jack Williams
Jack Williams

I have 2 sources,one is coax and one is optical. Can I plug in both sources at the same time and can I switch between sources ?

8/14/17 11:49 AM Asked.

Hi Jack,yes,it can.Thank you.

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Hi! Can you deliver this product to finland? :)

8/15/17 7:38 AM Asked.

Hi Samuli,of course,we can ship to all of the world.Thank you.

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Shubhojit Bose
Shubhojit Bose

I want to know three things:-   1. What is maximum impedance it can handle?   2. How much customs I am expected to pay for it in India , exact amount probably can't be told but can I know like a max amount or something like that.   3. Can I even get it to India?

10/10/17 12:21 PM Asked.

Hi Shubhojit,  1.16-300Ω.  2.It is according your law.We can declare 20usd as sample.  3.We can ship to India.  Please contact if any question.    Best Regards  Kerwin  Shenzhenaudio

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Lewis Holford
Lewis Holford

Can I pair this with the Darkvoice?

10/19/18 3:47 PM Asked.

Hi,yes it can.Thank you!

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