SMSL VMV VA2 HiFi Desktop Headphone Amplifier

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  • Excellent linearity performance
  • CNC machined solid aluminum chassis
  • Electrical output short-circuit protection
  • Independent high and low impedance output interface


VA2 mini is high quality portable headphone amplifier.It is the design for hi-fi application through state-of -the -art circuit.only one external adapter just working.

1.Excellent linearity performance
2.independent high impedance and low impedance output interface
3.CNC machined solid aluminum chassis
4.electrical output short-circuit protection

Technical Specification:
20hz to 20khz bandwidth,600ohm load,un-weight
Typ THD+N:<0.0003%@1KHZ
Requency Ripple:+/-0.1db max
Crosstalk:<[email protected]
<[email protected]
high-impedance power:>[email protected]
>[email protected]
>[email protected]
>[email protected]
low-impedance power:>[email protected]
>[email protected]
Machine Dimensions:120*95*22mm
Gross Weight:0.7kg

Customer Questions & Answers


Can I use both outputs together? I have HD 600 & HD 598SE headphones and want to watch movies on my TV on both if needed

11/4/17 7:13 AM Asked.

Hi Ali,it can't.Thank you.

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What's the output impedance on each of the outputs?

1/7/18 3:42 AM Asked.

Dear High-Impedance Power: >120mW @ 600ohm ,   >250mW @ 300ohm ,   >580mW @ 100ohm ,   >330mW @ 32ohm ,    Low-Impedance Power: >120mW @ 100ohm ,   >75mW @ 32ohm

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I'm seriously considering buying this, but I need to know what the output impedance is. Note: what I want to know is the OUTPUT IMPEDANCE. You didn't answer the question previously. I don't want to know how much power it can output at certain impedance, I want to know the OUTPUT IMPEDANCE. I don't know how to make it any more clear, I've asked you via email and every damn time you just copy and paste the same information that has nothing to do with what I'm asking. I'm starting to think you don't want my money, or your product has serious issues.

10/25/18 6:49 PM Asked.

Hi Tj, SMSL VMV VA2 has stopped production.Thank you!

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Can you please send me a PDF manual?

5/28/19 9:44 PM Asked.

Hi Guru, I sent the manual to your email. Kindly check that. Thank you!

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