SMSL X3 Streaming Player WiFi Lossless Network Player SD Card U-Drive Player

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  • Achieve three play modes.
  • Achieve three output modes.
  • Push most of fever headphones.
  • Supports simultaneous voice prompts.


X3 is a versatile streaming media players are emerging products, advancing with WIFI function. Its powerful playback mode and outputs to meet the diverse needs of our audiophile listening.

X3 supports WAV, APE (1-4), FLAC, AAC, MP3, WMA and other mainstream format music player, high bit rate (320kbps) and ultra rate (lossless master level) are supported. Supports sampling rates 32 ~ 192KHz, support the bit width 16 ~ 32Bit.

X3 supports simultaneous voice prompts to make your operation more simple and convenient. With networking capabilities, including upgrades, double wooden Salim Shenzhen Electronics Co., Ltd. will provide you with immediate technical upgrades.

X3 that is the biggest highlight of the entire transfer music files to the X3 (transmission bandwidth of up to 150M, minimizing transmission losses), X3 and then decode and play music files, high-fidelity restore the music itself, can reach fever level.

General product is the first re-transmission decoding and playing the music itself can cause severe losses due to poor sound quality.

X3 built-in high-fidelity headphone amplifier, low-distortion professional headphone amplifier chip-MAX9722, adapt 16Ω ~ 600Ω headphones. Maximum output power 130mW + 130mW / 32Ω, can push most of fever headphones.




X3 can achieve three play modes:
1 · WIFI LAN play mode. Transmission bandwidth of up to 150M, minimize transmission losses. Avoid intermittent Bluetooth products, sound cards and other issues; X3 after joining the LAN, with LAN smartphones, tablets, computers and other equipment are free to play music, composed fidelity wireless audio system. Compatible with mainstream music clients, including cool dog, qq music, itunes, spotify, multi-meters, shrimp, Baidu music, Andrews own players. Under this mode the phone can also access other multi-task operation.

2 · single player mode, ie the card or insert U disk player. You can use the buttons to control the machine itself operate the machine.

3 · WIFI Direct playback mode, you can use the phone with WIFI enabled devices, such as one with X3 pairing (after the initial configuration is successful, the subsequent use of automatic detection, no matched pairs). X3 will send the file to play.





X3 can achieve three output modes:
1 · Built-in headphone amplifier output can use an external headset.
      Impedance adaptation: 16Ω~600Ω
      Maximum output power: 130mW+130mW/32Ω
      Most headphones can push a fever.
2 · analog signal output can be an external amplifier or multimedia speakers.
      Analog output: 2Vrms (relative to the CD player output level)
      SNR:> 100dB
      Distortion: <0.002%
3 Coaxial output can use an external decoder.
      Ultra Low Jitter-Jitter, supports 24Bit /192KHz.Sound as good as an external decoder.


Performance indicators
WIFI specifications:2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/ n
Audio formats: WAV,APE (1-4),FLAC, AAC, MP3, WMA, etc.
Sampling rate: 32~192KHz
Bit width: 16~32Bit
Input:WIFI,Micro SD,U disk
Output:Analog output (2Vrms),
           Coaxial (0.5Vp-p @ 75Ω),
           32Ω/130mW+130 mW headphone output
Dynamic range:>108dB
Power consumption:4W(Standby: 0.2W)
Net Weight:260g
Gross Weight:500g

Customer Questions & Answers


Dear Sir,  What kind of plug is provided with the power adapter ?  I am living in switzerland and the power plug is as follows:  Besides, is the Lightgray color similar to silver color ?  Best regards,  Mr.Alain Bandi

11/16/14 5:00 PM Asked.

Will provide you EU Plug. Thanks.

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Does this machine have the same dimensions as the SMSL M8 Dac ?

9/21/15 3:09 PM Asked.

Yes, their dimension nearly the same. Thanks

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Hello! Can I control the music that is stored on the SD card from your smartphone? If so, what software should I use?

6/29/16 6:46 AM Asked.

Hi Dmitry,It can't do that.Thank you.

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Norman WIlliams
Norman WIlliams

What is the contact details of smsl for warranty as cant find any on the net. I wont buy until i can establish a warranty line.

8/10/16 3:40 PM Asked.

Hi Norman,If you order Shenzhenaudio,we provide 1 year warranty.Thank you.

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Hello  I have some questions:  1.- What function do the 2 usb ports provide ?  2.- Is WiFi function integrated or does it need external usb antenna ?  3.- What is the maximum SD size support ? Does is support SDHC or SDXC type ?    Thanks in advance for your time.

9/24/16 3:03 PM Asked.

Hi Walter,  1.2 usb ports as USB input.You can connect the U disk to X3.  2.It is WiFi function integrated,don't need external usb antenna.  3.X3 support 32G TF card.  Please order or please contact if any question.  Hope you have a good day.    Best Regards  Kerwin  Shenzhenaudio

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