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Sony NWZ-Z1050 16 GB Bluetooth Wireless Walkman Mobile Entertainment Player

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  • View rich content and gaming
  • Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth
  • The ultimate portable listening experience
  • Boundless Versatility with the Android Market


The ultimate mobile entertainment experience, driven by S-MASTER MX sound technologies and a large LCD touch screen. The NWZ-Z1000 series Walkman Player delivers exceptional audio/video. Access the Android Market for thousands of apps and download through built in Wi-Fi, plus connect and share with integrated Bluetooth streaming.


Storage Capacity- The NWZ-Z1050 can store hours of music thanks to the internal 16 GB memory.

The ultimate portable listening experience- Sony’s one-of-a-kind S-Master MX plus 8 other sound technologies maintain high sound resolution at any volume level.

View rich content and gaming- Large LCD touch-screen display with anti-reflective design for visual clarity and delivers incredible color for rich viewing of photos, videos, album artwork and game experiences.

Boundless Versatility with the Android Market- Explore thousands of apps with the Android Market via built-in Wi-F and download useful, time-saving and entertaining apps.

Swift and smooth tablet quality experience- Experience the world’s first mobile dual-core CPU for fast web access, gaming and multitasking abilities.

Intuitive Connectivity including HDMI micro output- Stream audio using the built-in Bluetooth, stay connected to the web or view stored audio/video content on the big screen via the HDMI output.

Discover new music with Music Unlimited service- Music Unlimited service offers you instant access to millions of songs plus sync your personal library. Choose any album or song or sit back and enjoy channels.

Connect wirelessly with Bluetooth- Experience your music wirelessly, stream audio with other compatible devices with integrated Bluetooth.

Easy content transfer with Media Go for Windows- The Media Go application for Windows allows you to transfer your favorite music, videos, playlists, and photos to your Walkman player. You can drag and drop from iTunes for Windows, Windows Media Player or Windows Explorer.

Find music to match your mood with SensMe channels- SensMe application can organize your music into playlists that perfectly match your mood, scene and location, making it easier to choose the music that fits the moment.

Intuitive music browsing with W.control key and Music Player app- Access your music instantly with the W.control key. Organize and select your music by album cover art, artist/track list view or SensMe channels to personalize your view. User selectable screen visualizers match the rhythm of your music for a unique visual experience.


Operating system: Android ™ 2.3 smartphone operating platforms
Memory: 512MB
Screen: 4.3 inch touch screen, TFT color display, WVGA (800x480dot)
EQ adjustment: Yes (5 types optional)
VPT virtual surround sound technology: Yes (5 types optional)
Audio * 2: MP3/AAC / HE-AAC / WMA / Linear PCM
Video * 3: MPEG4/AVC (H.264 Baseline) / WMV
Picture * 4: JPEG
Battery life * 5: MP3 128kbps: Approximately 20 hours (BT off) / 14 hours (Bluetooth is turned on)
MPEG4 384kbps: Approximately 5 hours
Volume (length x height x width, excluding protrusions): Approximately 70.9mm X 134.4mm X 11.1mm
Weight / Mass: Approximately 156 g (with battery)
PC Connection: Hi-Speed USB Interface / WM-PORT Interface
Wi-Fi capabilities: IEEE 802.11b/g/n


NWZ-Z1050 * 1
Host * 1
Manual * 1
Charger * 1
Earphone * 1


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Jun 15, 2013 5:34:38 PM
Great sound quality and love it.
it took less than 20 minutes to upgrade to firmware 2.0 and Andriod 4.0.4.
4.3 screen looks sharp. Andriod 4.0.4 on internet response is very quick.
It is a great product.
Felipe De la Peña
Jun 15, 2013 5:34:13 PM
I bought if for my father because he uses glasses so it was easier for him to read the contents on the screen. The wifi connectivity is awesome, as well as the embedded Sony apps. It plays video and music without a problem. 16GB is big enough, I ripped my father's favorite albums (around 30 CDs). Not sure how many formats it plays but at least it plays wmv and mp3.
Jun 15, 2013 5:32:25 PM
This player is great. The music quality is AMAZING. There are lots of settings to customize the music as well which is nice.

Another plus is that this runs on Android, so you have access to all of the apps, games, music apps, etc.

Some nice features:
Touch screen, clear HD screen
Interactive lyrics
Music settings
Design, very light

Only thing I am disappointed with is the battery life. It lasts 20+ hours if wifi is off, however if it is on, it will last about half of the time, maybe shorter about 8 hours.

I highly recommend this!
A. Avalos
Jun 15, 2013 5:31:59 PM
was indecisive at buy this music player, because it has android 2.3 which is rather old, but then I found out that there is an update. Now it has android Ice Cream Sandwich. It looks very stylish and whenever my friends use it, they immediately consider buying one for themselves. Although I could have bought a phone with Android and a music player, the Walkman has many good features that do not come included with the original O.S. Features like the ability to play music files from my home computer using my wireless router, a nice looking cassette player simulator, an improved video player, a quick access music player, and a FM receiver. The included headphones have excellent sound, and I was able to prove that people were not lying when they said that their song sounded quite differently. I was able to hear instruments I never knew were being played, and I now it is easier to understand the lyrics. Having a music player has it advantages. Because I do not use it as a phone, my screen does not get grease with skin oil. I do not have to worry about someone stealing my phone, and it reduced the chance of my dropping it. I dropped it once and I found that the side cover is actually made of aluminum. Most other companies only use cheap plastic. The only issues that I have had, is that there are some apps which I am not able to use such as: Viber, and whatssap, and many times I have to press the walkman button twice to use the quick access music player. I would really recommend buying a silicone case for it. It only costs about $20.
Jun 15, 2013 5:31:24 PM
The sound quality is amazing built quality is premium, It has an elegant design. The battery life is good no deal breaker this device is like a phone without the calling feature high end specs. Great job Sony.
Winston B. Robinson
Jun 15, 2013 5:31:01 PM
This is a great player made by Sony. It can do all of things that the Apple iPod and the Samsung Galaxy player does. The only thing that the Sony player does not have is the camera and no extra storage media. The Apple iPod does not have any external storage either. The 16GB is plenty of storage and if thats not enogh you can get it in a 32GB. I owned a Samsung Galaxy 4.0 media player and liked it pretty well, but the music player sound was not as good and same thing for the apple iPod. If you like a media music player that has apps and wifi but also have the great music sound, then the Sony is the only one to get. I have read lots for negative reviews about the Sony because of the fact it does not offer a camera or external storage. This is meaningless to me because my cell phone has all of this. The player by Sony does everything else as the Apple iPod and the Samsung Galaxy; like free access to the apps market, free wifi, and bluetooth. To me the wifi works better than the Apple Ipod and the Samsung Galaxy because of the Tegra(tm) 2 processor, which seems to run faster. I know it's a little more costly than the Apple iPod and Samsung Galaxy, but its well worth it. The battery life is better than both and the music just kills them both with it's really awesome sound. Sony was building something that would let you have access to the apps market, free wifi, and bluetooth, but they main focus was on the music player, and boy did they do a great job of really letting the buyer enjoy their music. The music sound is just absolutely amazing. My favorite features are the Walkman button on the side that makes the walkman work anytime you hit the button no matter what screen you are using. Also, I really like the HDMI port built in on the side, you can hook the player right up to an HDMI TV and start watching Netflix or Yu-tube, etc as soon as you hook it up to the TV. For all Meida/MP3 buyers out there Sony NWZZ1050 Walkman is the one to buy; this is my favorite media mp3 player ever. Thanks Sony for making a great product as usual. Do not believe the doubters this is the one to buy.