Soundaware A200S HiFi Full Balanced Hi-End Integrated Digital Stream Player

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  • V2.5.X firmware application
  • High level of analog outputs
  • Reference the DA decoder design
  • Third generation of the top power system



SOUNDAWARE A200S is a full balanced hi-end level integrated digital stream player, with hi-end sound quality and analog feeling product.

Based on the latest flagship 2014 D100 PRO Deluxe digital sound output quality, and combined with third generation customized power supply system, together with the new top materials carefully designed decoder. A200S as a sound source, with top amp system constitutes a perfect headphone system; also can form excellent results with the hi-end speaker system with hard disk, network music systems, fully satisfy the most discerning audiophiles and music connoisseur.
In the process of research and development, in pursuit of analog feeling and hi-end sound quality, starting from 2013 D100 PRO, for more than a year, the company had been looking for hi-end audio material, requires both HI-FI and analog feel quality. Originally designers use some collection level of the materials, carefully adjusted and D100 PRO integration with exciting results, after more than six months has been looking for global suppliers, to recreate the unique analog feel and hi-end sound quality. Until 2014 ShangHai Hi-END Audio Show a week before the show, to get all desired materials: of the same type as the audionote transformer, specially alloyed deep-cooled power block, using cryogenic technology customized power supply and fuse. All voltage reference of low noise (<50uv) voltage regulator chips, dip top materials. With a sophisticated design, which determines the A200S have unique analog sound feeling and quality, transparent and extremely fresh as well as zerun. 2014 SIAV audio show, over more than 1000 fans saw the performance between A200S prototype playing music copied from the CD and Linn udisk playing the CD directly, A200s has better sound feeling.

HI-FI quality A200S remains a top priority. Although audio show that for most players, the prototype, HI-FI quality is same as linn udisk, and analog output is already better than A200 XLR-level. However, in contrast to some of the hi-end DAC still exposed the shortcomings on the HI-FI quality. Audio exhibition last day A200S prototype compares with 2014 D100 PRO Deluxe + hi-end AES line +Weiss DAC1 MKII, in sound isolation, detail, 3D space obviously still feel gaps. Although A200S is released in the exhibition, SOUNDAWARE don’t continue to for production and immediately scheduled. But again design DAC Board, reference Prism sound DA2 and Weiss DAC2MKII compared adjustment, by original of Division components of senior power system all replaced into reference instrument level of low noise (<50uv) big current of linear power chip, increased a level buffer output, power output upgrade to 6V RMS, while perfect engineering prototype of shock absorbers, power noise and shock issues. A200S in HI-FI quality keeps the same level as reference professional DAC and the unique sound feel can be reserved.V2.5.x firmware makes A200S is more than a hard disk, a network music player, it's easier to use mobile phones, computers, pad control operation. While newer versions of the firmware makes A200S as high fidelity network sound card DSD/PCM can easily use various devices to push network or local music resource to it, thus, A200S is the high-fidelity playback system in family. Meanwhile A200S can be very simple, a remote control, a hard drive/U disk/SD card makes it easy to form a hi-end music playback system. A200S provides two sets of high-fidelity analog output interface (full Lotus balanced XLR and RCA), and two digital outputs (coaxial and optical), you can easily access any audio or top amp system.

A200S connectors and accessories, which are seriously designed: custom premium shock absorbing feet aluminium, custom gold plated RCA and coaxial output, NEUTRIK's top gold-plated full metal XLR, high quality mould based on the A200 and the D100 PRO installed inside the machine like quality. It is worth mentioning that, A200S serial numbers will be reordered, reflecting its unique value.





1, V2.5.X firmware applications:

V2.5.X firmware is based on using automated software engineering, test method for strength and for 8player of the IOS platform, andriod platform bubbleupnp, foobar and jriver the focus of PC optimization and network playback capabilities, as well as the user experience is improved significantly. The firmware on the operation smoothness as well as experience has reached an unprecedented level before, while increasing the network sound card functions, making music store entirely unrestricted, is extremely convenient. Also because of the way network data transmission is an isolated power source, so sound quality in all products, network play works best. New firmware main features:

1) network to control playback: the ability to use any software that supports DLNA standard for control, and choice, play and other types of flow control, very convenient, way to far exceed RC + screen.

2) network DSD/PCM sound card features: new firmware to be able to put any local/network DSD/PCM of various music formats (including DST in DSD format), pushed into the soundaware products, such as A200S, computers can be used, such as foobar,jriver, mobile phones, Tablet you can use 8player,bubbleupnp and so on.

3) NAS function: new solid NAS functions are enhanced, in addition to support anonymous shared outside music as a prefix, to support user name and password to access setup. Finally support Xiaomi's newest router NAS functionality, dramatically reduce the cost of sound series of accessories.

4) almost all music formats are supported: after 2.3.9 firmware, almost all audio formats are supported, including APE,CUE,FLAC,WAV,M4A,AAC,MP3,ISO,DFF,DSF, and so on.

5) excellent playlist, album management function: using the DLNA, network, playlist will no longer be a problem,

Management as a computer, edit, add, delete, rename and so on, let alone.

6) long-term best-quality mode: sound design, for EMI, as well as significantly optimize the resource consumption, developed a minimum consumption of resources, and EMI at least the best quality mode, in this mode, sound more pure, texture stronger, voice will be more stable. This mode requires that you turn off the display to activate, so the network mode, all controls and playing only on the phone, tablet or PC, display will be permanently closed, long and enjoy the best quality mode.

7) cover display: simply albums folder into the cover art, in DLNA mode can be displayed on the phone, Tablet and enjoy the product, experience is a plus.

2, high level of analog outputs:

A200S XLR output level up to 6VRMS and RCA output level up to 4V RMS preamp/volume control requirement can be significantly reduced. End of the same noise at the same time, compared with only analog output 2~3V RMS has nearly twice the signal to noise ratio and dynamic range improvement. High voltage, low noise output makes A200S can show more detail and clearly better spatial resolution. This is the high level of output in the top decoder and player a good chunk of the main reasons.

3, reference the DA decoder design:

DAC decoder performance, under the premise of a good chip, the core factors of power-quality as well as the quality of the digital input. Top power level of design as well as digital outputs quality, is one of many without independent core technology audio company missing, had to turn to use the high-end chip, however results are unable to get to the top. A200S in pursuit of extreme performance, and analog sound feeling, removed a large area A200 amp and preamp function, use the more pure the DAC process. DAC Panel because A200S case two-thirds of the area, with a high degree of flexibility, full in-line design regardless of cost, the material excellent in sound feeling as well as HI-FI, it was used in expensive reference high-current low-noise power supply (<50uv), up to four channel isolation transformer output supply separately, DA chip analog and analog amplifier. A200S analog amplifier using balanced, symmetrical amplifier is best for high-fidelity amplifier design, substantially reducing signal loss, as well as the best anti-jamming capability. Meanwhile, A200S using the multi-stage cushioning, high voltage output, greatly enhance weak signal, perfectly all the micro-details of the native music and spatial sense, showing a hi-fi music scene-like performance and appeal. A series of advanced technology applications and up to 5 times on the A200 PCB revision, more than two dozen careful optimization of the sound-effect programme, drawn from the Hi-END DAC reference comparison, built-in DA decoder compares to the output coaxial with the external top quality decoding is very cost-effective.

4, 2014 D100 PRO Deluxe digital parts, as well as master clock synchronization:

D100PRO digital turntable as a flagship product, less than a year more than a thousand units of production, by the praise and recognition of domestic and foreign enthusiasts and professional audio evaluation mechanism, as many experienced enthusiasts have recommended digital stream player. After upgrading the FPGA algorithms and logic surrounding 2014 models, while using the custom fuse, regardless of sex or musical HIFI have received a more significant upgrade. Digital part of the A200S fully adopted 2014D100 PRO luxury features, while using IIS connection, so regardless of performance or interface mode, the output results are the best of 2014 D100 PRO. 2014D100 PRO AES / coaxial, after using the word clock synchronization, improvement is obvious, more mellow sound, transparent, while the three-dimensional enhancement, details also increased. However A200S addition to significantly better than coaxial / AES's IIS interface, but also by the quality of the performance is higher than the word clock sync master clock synchronization, which means A200S the DAC digital input is 2014 D100 PRO top quality.

5, the third generation of the top power system:

If 2014D100 PRO power system is between the second generation and third generation, so A200S uses a more purely third-generation power technology. As we all know, the same equipment, the replacement of a different power materials, will be completely different sound qualities, not just enthusiasts say the power lines, connectors, etc., and including, transformers, contact materials and so on. The third generation of the power to ensure that the second generation of extremely high performance while great emphasis on the expressive power of music and appeal. Enjoy Sound power requirements for third-generation, worldwide manufacturer of custom-looking, such as sample type transformer is enough chairs around more than a week, around the law, including all types of E-type, ring, CI type, O type, pure C, double C, R type, UI type, while a certain kind of model to try different materials used to expand the winding methods. Including Sri Lanka's top all-potting porcupine (music fax only transformers, customized version higher than music Fax wife transformers), Japan BANDO (gold sub specifically for transformer noise) and audionote transformer type. Finally A200S chose audionote the same type as the official production model transformer, fuse and power with a custom seat, with a high HIFI at the same time, with excellent musical expression and appeal, the sound qualities have significantly different from other players the characteristics.

6, A200S exclusive customization:

A200S parts and assembly quality stereo sound with respect to existing products to enjoy more consistent: the use of gold-plated metal XLR NEUTRIK top seat, instead of welding machine power supply connector to lower the noise level is higher than the A200's shock program uses a fully nail and foot aluminum damping shock absorbers inside the machine net programs, all part of the increase transformer contact details damping damping measures very strategy. Because A200S burning machine takes more than 300 hours to reach the design level, so the burn time of the factory upgrade to enjoy stereo sound from other products 12 hours to 40 hours. So after a user purchases A200S, then burn for three days, which can be reached Qi Cheng level design. It is worth mentioning that, A200S did not follow the D100 PRO, A200, D200 serial number of ways, and the use of zero-based computing device serial number, reflecting the exclusive custom flagship product positioning.

7, the real perception of the player:

2014D100 RPO users more clearly, D100 PRO is quite sensitive to the environment, can be very clearly reflect the surrounding supporting features, including shock absorbers, power supply, the output wire, and the need to heat engine. When the company's actual use DS3 test found a machine D100PRO with just getting warmed D100 PRO, whether it be the difference between output accuracy jitter or several times. A200S equally suitable, although A200S has been pretty good, if we can pay attention to the power supply, wire and shock absorbers, etc., as D100PRO like, A200S will bring you endless imagination. Likewise, A200S inside and did not use any filtering measures, although the indicators on with respect to the addition of filtering scheme is slightly reduced, but to ensure its sound real natural sense, vividness, and to more clearly reflect the true quality and power level, the better the effect of the power system upgrade allows A200S immediate.





1 .Supported formats (V2.5.6 firmware):

1.) remote control
The following format only supports stereo music and bits 16~32bit (32bit supports only integer)
PCM (Stereo)
FLAC:32khz~192khz all compression levels.
APE:32khz~48khz Extra High compression levels.
WAV: 32khz~192khz
AAC:44.1khz common compression
Mp3:44.1khz common compression
AIFF:44.1khz common compression
DSD (DSD64, non-DST compression, only digital output)

2), DLNA/UPNP (phone, Tablet, computer player, local push)
Media Server is not SOUNDAWARE situations, all 192khz DSD/PCM stereo music, including DST compression ISO,DFF,DSF will be supported (DSD is DSD to PCM via foobar or jriver).
Meida Server is SOUNDAWARE, supports format identical to the infrared remote control playback directly.

2. supported languages:

Support Chinese Simplified, traditional Chinese and English player languages, supports the display font in 14 languages: Chinese Simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese, Korean, French, English, Russian, German, Portugal, and Spain, and Italy language, Hindi, Arabic, Greece language.

3 .Input interface:
SD*1: support for class2,Class4,class10 and other common types of SD cards: the maximum 128GB, supports FAT32 and NTFS format (eXFAT will not supported).
USB*2 (500mA*2 power supply): supports USB1.0,USB1.1,USB2.0, USB3.0, support up to 4TB hard drives, maximum support 2TB partitions.
Network: 100Mbps , NAS support networks (Samba), supports the UPNP/DLNA V1.5.
Power supply: 230V or 115V (See the box mark), 50~60HZ.

4 .Output interface:
1). digital output:
RCA coaxial: 0.5V p-p support 16~24bit,44.1khz~192khz PCM output support DSD64 DOP1.0 output.
Optical output: supports 16~24bit,44.1khz~96khz PCM output.
2). analog outputs:
RCA *2: 4V RMS

XLR*2 : 6V RMS

5. measures:
1). machine playback test (XLR24bit/44.1Khz, digital music files through SD card, pure DA test 96khz or better)
Dynamic ratio: 112db
Crosstalk: <=-130db (1khz)

End of noise: <=-130dbr (20~20khz)
THD+N:0.001% (1khz with Prism sound8xr D/A under the conditions tested was 0.0007%).
2) Phase noise clock background (22.5792MHZ, 24.576MHZ):

10Hz <-105dbc/Hz (real -110dbc/Hz)
1Khz <-145dbc/Hz (real -152dbc/Hz)
100Khz < -155dbc/Hz (real -157dbc/Hz)

6. Other specifications:
Power consumption: <50W (without USB hard drive), stand <=5W (not including USB hard drives)
Machine size: 240*103*305mm (w * h * d)
Weight (with packaging): ~6kg




A200S Player * 1
Cable *1
Manual *1
16G SD card *1
Warranty card *1
Remote control *1
Power cord *1 (European or China standard)





Q1. How to enable the best sound quality on A200S ?

A: A200S is very sensitive on the power quality for A200S should keep more native and fresh sound which doesn’t include any power filtering. It is recommended that users on the power line and power supply quality should be in a higher level. As the best analog output product, the XLR or RCA output line is very import for whole system.

As other SOUNDAWARE products, closing the screen to entry the best sound quality model, and SD/USB/HDD with linear power/NAS are the best sound interface.


Q2. How to choose in A200, A200S, and 2014 D100 PRO deluxe?

A: A200S and 2014D100 PRO deluxe are both best product for SOUNDAWARE, because 2014 D100 PRO deluxe get the best digital output quality and A200S own the best analog output quality. For A200, the feature is more powerful than A200S, but A200S the analog and digital output quality is obviously better than A200.


Q3.A200S how to play DSD music?

A: A200S DSD music played by three methods can be used:
(1) using mobile phone, tablet or computer controlled choice was not SOUNDAWARE media server, which can play any stereo DSD music, including DST in ISO,DSF,DFF format.
(2)coaxial output, external DSD DAC decoder with the DOP coaxial supported.
(3)use foobar, use +6dB convert double precision 24bit 176.4khz WAV or FLAC, and copy the converted music to play directly with A200S .

Q4. I am an older audiophiles, limited computer skills, how to make good A200S?

A: If you are not good at using the computer, it is recommended to use an external hard drive / SD card / U disk, use the remote to control the output quality can be obtained A200S's design. A200S not support the current good excellent network control and playback mode, support for traditional remote control mode, even if this mode, convenience is still far greater than the CD / SACD. If a child or a friend familiar with the computer, follow the instructions to buy a NAS or millet route, the initial set up, could have been as late as the use of local hard disk, in addition to being the best sound mode, high-capacity storage also makes listening to music is also very convenient .

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