Soundaware D100 PRO-Ultimate 32Bit/192KHz HDD Network Transport System Digital Turntable Music Player

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  • Dual low-noise, low-jitter clock input
  • It works like the traditional CPU player
  • FPGA is responsible for handing of music data, clock
  • Use a FIFO super high-speed asynchronous buffering technology



SOUNDAWARE D100 PRO is a professional high-fidelity streaming music transport offering a very comprehensive range of high-performance digital interfaces and excellent user experience. There are USB3.0, SD, network capabilities input and RCA coaxial, BNC coaxial, AES, optical, IIS&master clock output interface. D100 PRO supports to be operated by IR controller and any UPnP/DLNA Apps.

D100 PRO is completely different from the traditional streaming music player design. Its architecture uses a patented technology to provide lossless HD music in the purest, and high-fidelity playback process.



Our leading technology architecture is a CPU has the extremely rich interfaces and excellent interactive experience, while there are special FPGA (ASIC) chip with low latency, high stability, customized features and isolated power supply which can make the audio process more precise.




Benefits of this architecture are as follows:

1) It works like the traditional CPU player which has rich peripheral interfaces and powerful control capabilities to support a variety of external storage devices, including network storage, SD, HDD . It also supports infrared remote control and UPnP / DLNA to provide users with perfect experience.

2) FPGA (Audio DSP) is responsible for handing of music data and clock. Isolated and fine power supply, low latency (<10ns), strong stability (1 PS), fully meet the most demanding audio processing, and perfectly support 32bit 384khz audio processing.

3) FPGA (Audio DSP) uses a FIFO (First In First Out) super high-speed asynchronous buffering technology, coupled with the high-speed near-real-time CPU processing interface. Jitter caused by the peripheral interfaces can be completely isolated so that any interface can reach the same good playback effect.

4) Dual low-noise, low-jitter clock input, based on the original clock driver decoding for 44.1K, 48K octave audio frequency, are to provide the most accurate and most direct decoding process.

5) The direct synthesis drive technology of SPDIF clock and data, to eliminate the jitter caused by secondary process during IIS to SPDIF.

6) Powerful dual-chip processing capabilities and master all the technical details of the underlying. Perfectly support for industry common music formats. Excellent handling experience, and rich interfaces.

Note: D100 PRO does not include SATA, Wi-Fi, while only supports 32bit, 192 kHz.

D100 PRO is SOUNDAWARE’s second generation product, based on the same architecture of A100 digital output section, for up to a year of R & D investment. Relative to the acclaimed A100 digital output section,D100 PRO has comprehensive and grades improved not only on the sound quality, but also on the whole aspects of the product. This is definitely a comprehensive upgrade, such as redesigned firmware, improved IR controller, UPnP/DLNA support, the interface materials upgrade, and so on.



D100 PRO Basic Edition Pictures:




D100 PRO Deluxe Edition Pictures:



PRO is to represent the flagship, is an extreme pursuit, representing the top effects and luxurious design.

Although the coaxial output D100 has been very good, but also can greatly enhance the fidelity streaming media player because there is no ready-made high-fidelity playback program, except for the necessary investment in the high R & D costs, but that there are no innate short board, It also has many advantages. So from the nearly 30-efficient sound version of view, is entirely step by step, bit by bit for elevation, arduous period also can not imagine many people, often because of a song you want to achieve the same effect with the reference plane, one on to a hundred times; in order to test the effect of this extreme, post-chip capacitance we have replaced more than a dozen brands, including with the capacity of 0603 or 0805, with different specifications we left off, often as a ceramic capacitor is 10nf also 5nf and hesitant, because upscale environment, already sensitive to any nuance can react to the playback effect, in which high-end back-end monitoring system, the playback is more effective than the instrument found some problems, especially those with when more than one reference CDT direct one on one AB contrast, many times the instrument but only as a reference, the second edition has been with the best signal to noise ratio, but can not get a good sound.

Many streaming music player, the CDP in order to achieve high-end results, often put heavy material on the DAC to make up the short board digital output, to achieve a certain price. But people are clearly understood, in any case make up, no matter how high-end DAC, Jieshangqu still a gap between the ears of 2000 CD turntable with 20,000 CD turntable, DAC is a passive device, any ASRC, DPLL, femtosecond clock method, just be able to mitigate some of the impact of lower front-end output quality, but can not change the qualitative difference, digital streaming digital outputs are short board case, DAC is already the ceiling.

D100 PRO is a neutral, extreme, high-fidelity deluxe hard disk, network, SD card, high-bit-rate streaming digital turntable, with the same high-grade nature of CDT CD music under the circumstances, open sound field, sound fresh and moist, plump , transparent, excellent extension at both ends, density, delicate, balanced, natural sound, with respect to the critically acclaimed D100, has a comprehensive and sound qualities enhance the quality, but at a high bit rate streaming music situation, has CDT is difficult to achieve high-end playback effect. Meanwhile D100 PRO is far more than enhance the sound, but also with respect to the A100, D100 has transformed itself in all aspects of change, regardless of embodied, or craftsmanship, quality materials are luxurious, upscale choice.




Difference Between D100 PRO Deluxe Edition and Basic Edition:
1) D100 PRO Deluxe Edition only supports 220V uses the best potting talema toroidal transformer, and D100 PRO Basic Edition uses talema international voltage (110V, 220V) Need toroidal transformer, exactly the same material, but the deluxe edition is potting, slightly different installation methods.
2) D100 PRO Deluxe Edition in power and related materials with respect to the basic version of the D100 will be more extreme, it would be better on a sound sense of air, overtone, details.
3) D100 PRO coaxial output related materials with respect to the D100 PRO-based version will be better (using expensive BLACKBOX and SKT top capacitor and associated components), smooth, on appeal, hydration, undoubtedly PRO Deluxe Edition more Okay.
4) D100 PRO supports HI-END high quality clock input.
5) Basic Edition supports the difference to upgrade to the deluxe edition.

So in addition to D100 PRO Deluxe Edition does not support 110V voltages, the reproduced sound effect with respect to the basic version, it is mainly in the sense of air, moist of the sound, overtones and finesse can clearly feel the difference, and also supports synchronous clock input, etc. HI-END play. About a clock input, a clock input, see section introduction.



D100 PRO Deluxe Edition clock input significance:
For there is no mechanical turntable and CD has an extremely luxurious power supply design D100 PRO, all designs are based on the core clock driver. Although the D100 PRO clock has been very good, but in other more upscale if there OCXO clock input, can completely inspire D100 PRO most extreme potential (would be comprehensive upgrade), open the clock interface is very reluctant, means the deluxe version of the sound + more upscale clock system is to enjoy the most extreme acoustic sound reproduction effect. Meanwhile D100 PRO clock support single-channel, and also supports dual-input, single clock input means that only support this frequency of music (such as 22.5792MHZ only support 44.1khz octave music, 24.576MHZ only supports 48khz octave music) . Because PRO all play clock performance-based design and optimization, so characteristic of any clock can fully demonstrated, although it may be for the same grade of clock and power supply systems, but it might get some different music playback effects (such as a battery version, atomic clocks, etc.). This also means D100 PRO clock input is a high playability, but also a HI-END solutions, like the play clock, and experienced friends, this is an extension of the interface and the program of HI-END .




Input Interface Description:
SD*1: 128GB MAX, FAT and NTFS file system
USB *2: Each USB interface supports maximal 3TB HDD and each partition supports maximal 2TB.500mA power supply for each USB interface. Support USB1.0/2.0/3.0 storage with FAT and NTFS file system
NIC*1: 100Mbps, support SAMBA, UPnP / DLNA controller.

Output Interface Description:
RCA coaxial: 0.5V p-p, 24bit 192 KHz
BNC (75 ohm) coaxial: 0.5V p-p, 24bit, 192 KHz
AES (110 ohm) coaxial: 5V 24bits, 192KHz
Optical fiber: 24bit, 96KHz

IIS+Mclock output: 5V cache COMS output, and compatible with 3.3V IIS input; MCLK is fixed at 22.5792MHz or 24.576MHz (based on the music frequency doubling is 44.1K or 48K).

Music format support(Firmware V2.0)
APE Stereo; FAST/NORMAL/HIGH compression mode; <=48KHz, 8~32bit, 32bit only supports the integer mode.
FLAC Stereo; 44.1KHz~192KHz, 8Bit~32Bit; 32bit only supports the integer mode.
MP3 Stereo; source is16Bit,44.1KHz, and common compression
WAV Stereo; 44.1KHz~192KHz, 8Bit~32Bit; 32bit supports only the integer mode.
CUE Support CUE sheet
More formats will be supported by upgrade to be continued.

Size: 320mm*240mm*94mm (L * W * H)
Weight: Approx. 6.5kg


Manual * 1
SD * 1 (16GB)
Warranty card * 1
Network cable * 1
Remote control * 1
Power cord * 1 (only for testing, the proposed replacement of the power cord into the better)

One year free warranty for non-artificial damage. Five years paid warranty. Lifetime maintenance.




D100 PRO Q & A

Q1) Why does not D100 PRO support for Wi-Fi?
A: First, the built-in Wi-Fi will significantly increase interference. Second, the transmission speed of external wireless network card cannot guarantee stable playback of master tape. Instead, the external wireless network card only applies to control and becomes a weakness that taking up a USB port. Third, a wireless router is very cheap, and the wired connection is also very stable. Considering the cost and stability, we suggest connecting D100 PRO to an external router.

Q2) How to obtain the output master clock of D100 PRO?
A: You can get the master clock of buffered output from the RJ45 output port. We recommend high-quality six shielded twisted pair to reduce attenuation.

Q3) Applicable scene of D100 PRO IIS.
A: For IIS buffered output based on RJ45 output port, despite the current increased, it’s still not suitable for long-distance transmission. High-quality shielded twisted pair (preferably six) and connector are needed; and the length of them is about 10cm, preferably not longer than 30cm, otherwise the signal strength will decrease greatly.

Q4) The similarities and differences of DLNA, UPnP used in D100 PRO.
A: DLNA, UPnP used in D100 PRO is mainly used for playback control and management through mobile phone, tablet and PC, which is the same with other DLNA, UPnP control. But in order to ensure stable playback and good user experience, D100 PRO supports local MediaServer instead of external UPnP MediaServer, which is the different.

Q5) Special considerations about D100 PRO.
A: a) If you want to make USB achieve the same effect as SD and network, we recommend an external high-quality linear power. It makes a little bit of difference for built-in powered USB mobile HDD in high-end systems(mainly on the smooth degree),but the difference is not obvious or you simply cannot sense in the middle and low system.
b) The quality of power supply and coaxial line has an significant and direct effect on the sound of D100 PRO, so please do not use the original industrial wire that is for testing purpose.

Q6) Suggestions for the best sound quality mode of D100 PRO.
A: a) Enter the best sound quality mode five seconds after screen-off. (The firmware will automatically cut off all the signals and power of LCD screen and the system will focus on the audio decoding process.)
b) Using NFS/SD/HDD+high-quality external linear power to play.
c) Enter the mode after the playback process continues for 30 minutes in Winter or 10 minutes in Summer.
d) High-quality power cord(including separate audio filter) and coaxial line.
e) Add a vibration damper rack or vibration damper plate

7) How is the BNC, RCA and AES output effect?
In the real high-end environment, the output effect of AES and BNC is better because of their good matching impedance, but the effect of three is the same in the general environment.

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Alex Kypriotis

Is this the deluxe version?

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Hi Alex,yes,it's deluxe version.Thank you.

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Hi there  Can d100 decode mqa files?

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Hi matt,the D100 had stop product.Thank you.

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Hello.  I would like to buy Soundaware D100 PRO Deluxe Edition.  Shipping to Russia.  Is it possible?

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Hi Alex,we are sorry.The D100 pro deluxe edition had stop product.Please choose other Soundaware player.We can ship to Russia.Thank you.

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Hi  I want to buy you Soundware D100-Pro-Ultimate. It is available?We can ship to Latvia?Thank you.  Tarass

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Dear , D100 was out of stock, you can search d200, We can ship to Latvia . Thank you

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