Soundaware M1PRO Portable Music Player High Precise M1 Pro with Dual Femto Clock

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  • The First DAP with High Precise & Dual Femto-second Clock.
  • Reference Digital Audio Transform System Technology.
  • Hi-End Professional Desktop fidelity patented architecture.
  • Professional native DSD / PCM Coaxial output and Lineout.

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The First DAP with High Precise & Dual Femto-second Clock

Ml PRO is mainly designed for senior audiophiles who pursuit of high sound quality, M1 PRO not only continues the tradition of Soundware: the pursuit of a transparent, neutral , real, analog sound, reproduction with the ultimate effect of reducing the field; while in the field of emotional delivery and real music has reached unprecedented levels in Soundware portable player field.


Next Generation Clock System

Provide more dozens of times high-precision output quality, and maintain a low-noise high-precision femtosecond level, to upgrade the system clock, FPGA algorithm based M1 simulated version of the same circuit, and fine-tune the power supply.


Reference Digital Audio Transform System Technology

M1 PRO shell and M1 are exactly the same, the original design of the M1, shell size is close to the portable size limit, under the situation of space-constrained and analog circuits are exactly the same, to achieve the playback effect of more extreme than M1, the digital output to assume an important responsibility, therefore Soundware exception of the latest digital technology: high precision femtosecond clock system, and new FPGA used in M1 PRO.


Hi-End Professional Desktop fidelity patented architecture

Concentrated real desktop Hi-End patented solution, CPU is responsible for the interface, FPGA is responsible for hardware solutions, DAC is responsible for the DA converter, the latest FPGA algorithms, double crystal FPGA architecture, the noise processing, delay, jitter are inherited the experience of Sound flagship D100 PRO, the analog part also inherited the experience of the flagship A200S.


Extremely luxurious materials

Six layers Immersion Gold PCB design, low noise, low-resistance dual voltage power supply design, expensive FPGA chip and crystal, ultra-low distortion class AB desktop power amp circuits.


Regression essence of HiFi portable players

Ultra-high-precision, low-noise femtosecond double the clock oscillator, Sample measured Phone Out output under load distortion + noise floor <0.0009%, the background noise <= - 130db, most indicator enjoy sound even better than the flagship A200S.


Professional native DSD / PCM Coaxial output and Lineout

M1 PRO with Soundware latest 1.0.045 firmware, can provide a stable, smooth experience, 30 hours of dial mode, 8-9 hours of full-time Class A listening, based on the common functions such as rolling, scanning music library management, support for almost all common PCM and DSD format music

M1 PRO based on femtosecond precision clock, to re-optimized FPGA algorithms to take advantage of custom clock.The change of M1 Pro compared to Ml is not just headphone output, in fact, the sound quality of Line out and Coaxial out improvement is more apparent, it can be applied to ultimate sound experience in almost all kinds of different scenarios.


The difference between M1 and M1PRO

M1PRO have M1PRO logo at the top of the back cover



Size: 115mm * 59mm, the thinnest thickness of 14mm, holding thickness about 15mm

Weight: about 175g

Sampling rate: 32khz-192khz, DSD (SACD)

Sample median: 16-32bit, 32bit only supports integer.

Channel: Stereo


Storage: TF * 2 (single maximum support 128GB, future support will be greater), NTFS, FAT format

USB: Micro usb fast charging, copy songs

Playback time: normal listening about 9 hours

Line Output: 1.4V RMS

Coaxial output: 0.5V p-p, PCM & DSD (DOP)

Screen: 2.4 inch high resolution Sharp IPS hard screen

Distortion + Noise (headphone output): <= 0.002% (44.1khz, 1khz DS3)

Dynamic ratio (headphone output):> = 110db.

Background noise (headphone output): <=-130db.

Amp analog output: 2.8V RMS highest, 97% volume output, distortion <= 0.003%, desktop class AB amp circuits, power output, third gear gain

Firmware Other features: music library scanning and management, partial tone sounds, album art display, lyrics display, song cut out cut out desalination, list management and so on.

Output power (with different impedance headphones) : 32Ω: 100 mwx2, 300Ω:26 mwx2



Soundaware M1PRO Player

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manuel fernandes
manuel fernandes

can it play into home audio(analog preamp)and car audio(bluetooth)Thanks

1/6/18 11:57 AM Asked.

Dear, I did not know what you mean. Sorry. Thank you!

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