Devialet 120 Integrated Amplifier / DAC Decoder

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  • Unequalled Signal/Noise ratio (> 130 dB)
  • Harmonic distortion barely measurable (0,001%)
  • Intermodulation distortion equally barely measurable (0,001%)
  • Very natural fast variations of dynamics (impacts, resonances)


The Devialet 120 is a fully configurable Devialet stereo system that adapt to your every whim. Equipped with all of the proprietary Devialet technologies (ADH®, SAM®, AIR® and EVO® platforms), this device offers you one of the best performers on the market, in a mirror polished cabinet with a unique design.

Devialet’s total pledge of uncompromising performance, its revolutionary ADH® and integrated SAM® technologies, expandability via its EVO® platform and extreme ease of use, in an extremely elegant cabinet will suit your home perfectly.

ADH , SAM, AIR… The Devialet 120 incorporates all of the features and proprietary technologies that make Devialet products exceptional both in terms of performance and possible uses.

The built-in EVO card enables free, regular updates of the internal software that offer you the ability to improve the performance of your Devialet or to take advantage of new features in just a few clicks.

Like all Devialet devices, the Devialet 120 is fully controlled by software that allows you to configure it via our online configuration tool. Customize each of your inputs according to the sound source to achieve the best possible results.

Possible Devialet 120 input configurations:
AIR streaming via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
4x digital inputs

Should you find the Devialet 120 to be the device that best suits you and you want to connect a subwoofer or headphones to your system, a card to configure a pre-amplified mono or stereo analogue output is an optional feature.

Push the configuration boundaries of your Devialet.


Shortest signal path in the world (less than 4 inches between the DAC and the speakers output connectors): lossless by design.
Unequalled Signal/Noise ratio (> 130 dB): abyssal silence, emotional power, the music emerges from nothingness.
Harmonic distortion barely measurable (0,001%): absolute fidelity of instrumental timbres and sonorities.
Intermodulation distortion equally barely measurable (0,001%): seizing realism of soundstage (separation and placing of instruments).
Thermal distortion non measurable: very natural fast variations of dynamics (impacts, resonances).

Device Type: Full Function Integrated Amplifier/DAC
Power Output: 120W x 2 into 6ohms
Inputs: 1 Optical Toslink, 1 combined Optical Jack & RS232 Mini 3.5mm, 1 USB for computer, 1 Ethernet RJ45 for connection to LAN, Wi-Fi, 2 coaxial digital inputs, 1
Line/Phono MM input,
Outputs: Subwoofer output with cut-off frequency adjustment through the online configuration tool (optional), Preamplified Stereo Output for headphones or two subwoofers (optional), 2 pair speaker terminals
Suitable speaker impedance: 2 Ohm - 8 Ohm
THD at full power Total harmonic distortion: 0.001%
Transient intermodulation distortion: 0.001%
SNR: 130 db
Output Impedance: <0.01 ohm
Frequency response: DC-87kHz (-3 decibels); DC-60kHz (-1 decibels); DC-30kHz (-0.1 decibels)
Dimensions (W x D x H): 383 x 383 x 40 mm
Weight: 5.65 Kg

1 x Devialet 120
1 x Gloves
1 x Power Cord
1 x Remote Control
1 x Special Cleaning Cloth.
1 x SD Card (For Setting Parameters)

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