SMSL AD18 80W2 Bluetooth 4.2 HIFI USB DSP Digital Decoding Power Amplifier

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  • Support USB / Optical / coaxial / Bluetooth / AUX input
  • Support remote control.4.2 bluetooth.
  • Using TI TAS5508C + TAS5342A chip
  • Within SMSL patented sound SDB(SMSL Dynamic Bass)

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Signal to noise ratio: 90dB
Power amplifier output power (4ohm): 80W * 2
Headphone output (32 ohms): [email protected] = 0.04%
EQ Quantity: 7 kinds
Treble adjustment range: ± 8dB
Bass adjustment range: ± 8dB
Bluetooth specification: BT4.2
Input interface: USB/Optical *2/Coaxial/ AUX/Bluetooth
Output interface: amplifier output port, headphone port
Chip: TAS5508C, TAS5342A, CS8422, VT1620A, MAX97220A, CS5341, BT4.2 Bluetooth module, NE5532
USB sampling rate: 16bit 44.1kHz-48kHz-96kHz-192kHz; 24bit 44.1kHz-48kHz-96kHz
USB Compatibility: USB2.0
Power amplifier power consumption: 50W
Amp consumption: 4W
Standby power: 0.8W
Supply voltage: 24V

Speakers: 0.04%


USB compatibility: windows XD/7/8/8.1/10
Bit depth: 24bit

Sampling rate:
Optical, Coaxial: 44.1KHz-192KHz
Amplifier power: 4Ω 80W+80W

Headphone power:
32Ω [email protected]=0.04%
64Ω [email protected]=0.02%
150Ω [email protected]=0.02%

Amplifier consumption: 50W
Standby power: 0.8W

Total weight: 1.55Kg
Packing size: 275 * 231 * 74mm


Power supply


Remote control


Customer Questions & Answers

Eugen Stoica
Eugen Stoica

Good Morning,    I just wanted to check if you already have the SMSL AD18 in stock and if you are able to post it to Guernsey, Channel Islands.    Looking forward to your reply.    Thank you very much.  Kind Regards,  Eugen Stoica

11/21/16 6:38 AM Asked.

Hi Eugen,Yes,SMSL AD18 and we can post it to Guernsey, Channel Islands.Please order.Thank you.

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What is the amplifier output port? Does this amp support RCA or 3.5mm analog output?

12/1/16 8:14 PM Asked.

Hi John,the output port is speak port and 3.5mm analog output.Thank you.

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What are the dimensions of the main unit itself (specs above just list the package size)?  Does it support the aptX-Codec?

12/10/16 12:01 PM Asked.

Hi Thomas,the AD18's dimensions of the main unit itself is 172*51*85mm.AD18 support the aptX-Codec.Thank you.  

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We have one of these. How to make it work with optical input (OPTI2)? It won't recognise the incoming digital signal.

12/31/16 7:06 AM Asked.

Hi Vlad,1,determine the optical fiber is there in front of the output?2,AD18 switch to the corresponding optical fiber input interface.Thank you.

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Hi there, will the headphone out power AKG K712? And do you offer insured delivery to Australia with signature required?

1/24/17 12:50 AM Asked.

Hi John.This uncertainty, AD18 headphones mouth power is not big, push to push some headphones is more appropriate.Thank you.

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John Barr
John Barr

Hi there, I'm wondering if you do insured/signature required delivery to Australia. Can I request for the item to be left at the post office instead of my home address?

1/24/17 2:21 AM Asked.

Hi John,it have signature required.If you can receive,whatever the address is ok.Thank you.

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The amp also works with 8ohm loudspeakers and if so athow much watt?☺

1/24/17 2:06 PM Asked.

Hi Patrik,SMSL AD18 can works with 8ohm loudspeakers.45Watt.Thank you.:)

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Hi I bought the AD18 which is a very good product. where can I find driver for Windows 10 allowing 24bits/96kHz streaming ? Nb: it works fine without driver under Mac OS. Thx

2/12/17 10:40 AM Asked.

Hi Alec,install a WASAPI ,choose 24bit output.Thank you.

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Hello,  The power source is working at 240-245V?  I am from Ireland and on the wall plug we have 240V.  What is the difference between 2016 model and the regular?  Thank you.

2/22/17 1:24 PM Asked.

Hi florin,    Good day.  The power source can working at 240-245V.  The AD18 just one model.    Thank you.

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Hello, what would be the total delivery time for France?

3/20/17 9:34 PM Asked.

Hi Sébastien,it will take 3-8 days to France.Thank you.

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