Sunrise AM-P1 Portable Headphone Amplifier (New Dophlin SR0336)

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  • Can easily drive most Hifi headphones
  • Provide well thickness and realistic midrange
  • Let headphones sound better treble and bass extend
  • Make with HiFi capacitors and military standard resistors



 The portable headphones amplifier "Dolphin" is made with HIFI Capacitors & Military standard Resistors. Using the special HIFI circuit layout and dual OP, ultra large electric current design, Dolphin can easily drive most HIFI headphones.

Dolphin will not only help your headphones sound better treble & bass extend but also provide well thickness and realistic midrange, which will truly improve your portable HIFI system beyond your imagination. You will feel deeply fall in love with the most marvelously rich music taste you've ever heard from a portable audio system.With ultra slim and firm design, you can enjoy the truly magical music in pocket size.


Technical Parameters:

Frequency Response:5-185KHz

Out Power:600mW 



HeadPhones Load Impedance:16~300Ω

Input Impedance:100KΩ

Output Current:590mA

Play Time: About 8 Hours

Power Adapter:DC 12V-1000mA

Size:90mm* 60mm * 15mm

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