TCG T-BOX+ Mini Portable Headphone Amplifier (New Version)

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  • Current professional audio chip TDA152 
  • High quality portable headphone amplifier
  • Noble and elegant and strong protection circuit
  • Independent professional circuit design, perfect sound quality


Aluminum alloy shell, general La stria surface treatment, noble and elegant, strong protection circuit.

Independent professional circuit design, high quality portable headphone amplifier, perfect sound quality.
The American company TI HIFI heavy current professional audio chip TDA152 as the driving engine of low frequency sound field expanding, dive deep and special compensation, make up the majority of the headset, sound more perfect.
Have a fever high-quality potentiometers, paired balance, ensure quality. when adjusting,it is comfortable and durable
Japanese Panasonic, Black King Kong audio professional electrolytic capacitor film capacitors have a fever, Germany WIMA.
Select high quality large capacity lithium polymer battery ( 800mA ), has a long life time and protection.
International popular FR-4 ( glass fiber ) circuit board design, high stiffness, good passing ability.
Using Foxconn imported professional audio socket, plug flow, ensure the sound source no attenuation.
TOSHIBA ( Toshiba ) charging diode, stable and efficient.
Using Linear Technology high precision lithium polymer battery charge controller LTC4054, ensuring that the battery is full of. The built-in intelligent voltage-stabilizing charging circuit, to prevent excessive charge and air protection, became the first the portable headphone amp to charge while listen to music of, independent LED charging indicator, when it is charging ,LED lights up, the battery is completely full and then LED extinguished.



Maximum output power: 100mW+100mW
Earphone adapter impedance: 16-400 Ω, suggest the earphone impedance: 16-64 Ω
Harmonic distortion: THD+N:<0.001%
Signal to noise ratio: 105dB
Channel separation: 102dB
Power supply ripple suppression ratio: 85dB
Frequency response: 10-100kHz/1dB
Battery life: 80 hours ( 260 hours standby )
Pocket size, size: 81* 50* 20mm ( aluminum shell )
Host weight (including battery ): 100 g ( plus package and attachment of the weight of
250g )


Product Scope:

iphone (Apple player), MP3 / MP4, high quality headphones, PC, laptop, CD player, preamp, sound amplification.


Product features and user groups targeted:

Listen to technology companies since the launch of T-BOX portable headphone amplifier, ultra-small size, perfect sound, access to many portable bundled family's
approval. To meet the Friends of Music for the pursuit of higher quality, TCG re- launched the upgraded version of the T-BOX +, this product embodies enhance our
technology and mature sound adjustment. Let us talk about the use of materials and circuits, the core is the use of Texas Instruments TPA152 amp dedicated chip, which has a low power consumption, signal to noise ratio is good, sound soft and moist, resolution is high.

Customer Questions & Answers


ОН ПОДКЛЮЧАЕТЬСЯ К КОМПЬЮТЕРУ? TCG T-BOX + мини портативный усилитель для наушников  МОЖНО ЕГО ПОДКЛЮЧИТЬ К КОМПЬЮТЕРУ? TCG T-BOX + мини портативный усилитель для наушников

11/6/14 5:21 PM Asked.

Да, он может соединиться с компьютером. спасибо / Yes, it can connect with Computer. Thanks    

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11/9/14 11:40 AM Asked.

TCG have several Models, T-BOX+ and T-BOX are difference Models. Front Panel have show the model, Thanks

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