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TCG T2 Professional HiFi Headphone Amplifier + Decoder

  • Aluminum shell material
  • Sounds sweet and delicate
  • Close to senior tube amp sound style
  • BB2604 professional-grade audio op amp

Main features:

1, T2 manufactured using the Texas Instruments TI senior pretty sound chip BB-OPA2604 op amp for audio amplification and sound on the tube A1358/C3421 Toshiba expansion flow amplification drive headphones. Selection of the following brands imported machine quality audiophile grade components : WIMA, NICHICON, ELCON, TI-BB, VISHAY, TOSHIBA, PHILIPS, and the use of quality craftsmanship crafted , natural good qualities .

2, T2 compact fine, big as a small stature . The whole machine adopts the design before and after class , 2604 for pre- processing, post -class sound using two pairs of Toshiba tube A1358/C3421 for 2-channel high-current amplification, a powerful driving force . BB2604 professional-grade audio op amp is pretty sound recognized by many enthusiasts of the op amp , high resolving power , sounds sweet and delicate, close to senior tube amp sound style .

3, the body behind the two audio interface input , two audio connections simultaneously , select for files using the front panel switch to switch, convenient and practical.

4 , switch off the power using the relay control , an effective solution to bring on the headphones and ear pulse shocks. Random gift KOSS original gilding 6.3/3.5 conversion socket to accommodate different sizes of headphone plug .

5 , using aluminum shell material , CNC high-precision machining , drawing oxidation. Full glass with double-sided PCB Immersion Gold PCB . Custom solid aluminum knob ( anti- skid meter ) , well , feel good !
6 , the power light on the volume knob behind the design , working as a mood light use , do both.

7, the front panel is designed with precision CNC composite technology , sandblasting, wire drawing . At present the same level of headphone amplifier unique , highlighting the unique qualities of T2 .

8 , the power part of the design is also very fine , professional custom switching power supply manufacturers body compact , 24V-0.5A power output quite a force , using universal voltage input :100-240V, through the Japan PSE certification , power cord with magnetic , reducing static interference .

Four main technical indicators:

standard input : 3.5mm/RCA stereo inputs ( with switch )
Standard output : 6.35mm headphone output Block
Input Level : 400mv ~ 2V
Machine Gain : 12dB
Total power : <8W
Earphone output power : 1000mw
Headphone Output Distortion : 1KHZ% 0.036 less
Machine dimensions : 131mm x 74mm x30mm ( excluding protruding parts )
Package weight : 500G ( other than the actual shipping weight package structure prevail )
Configuration : T2 host one ,100-240V universal power supply one (PSE certification ) ,
KOSS original 6.35mm 3.5mm conversion socket on one .

V. Application:

Stereo preamp , high-quality headphone amplifier, etc. , it is recommended to use headphones : HD600/HD650/HD800/T1/T5P/DT880/DT990/K701/Q701/K702.

VI. The machine features

Built-in headphone output low voltage protection circuit , circuit failure or too loud to cause the amp circuit output straight

Flow when the voltage reaches 0.7V ( generally starting voltage amp protection needed to reach 1.2V, most of the amp

No protection ) , headphones protection circuit is activated , disconnect the amp output to headphones and hearing protection .

boot delay circuit. Avoid impact sound switch on the headset and hearing damage.

Dual band switching input circuit to facilitate a variety of audio input , reducing the cumbersome plug cord.

The power part is a high-precision voltage divider circuit , stable performance.

Gold-plated RCA jacks and headphone jack Foxconn , durable , contact performance class .

Japan PSE certified power adapter with AC100-240V, worldwide , small size, good safety performance.

6.35mm headphone output jack , an additional 6.35 to 3.5 conversion seat, suitable for all mainstream HI FI headphones.
op amp sockets installed Nextronics Seiko , the user can according to their hobbies replacement op amp .

7 Precautions
Use the original machine with or specified accessories.
Please strictly follow the instructions specified input voltage.
Do not leave the unit in a hot, humid environment, but shall not be exposed to rain or strong

Strong shocks.

Please do not open the cabinet , faulty maintenance professional and technical personnel should be invited .
If you accidentally spill into the machine, immediately cut off the power supply, professional and technical personnel

Inspection and maintenance , or the dealer ( or manufacturer ) contact .
To protect your hearing, the volume control knob to the minimum time switch,
The machine is designed for indoor use only.
Service : Host year warranty, man-made damage as a paid service .


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