TempoTec Fantasia HP HiFi Professional Heaphone Amplifier Pre-Amplifier

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  • OP interchangeable design
  • Constant current supply technologies
  • MOSFET constant current supply regulator
  • DSV (digital volume smooth control) technology


Fushigi headphone amplifier

Rebuild your listening experience

Digital Volume Control
Crosstalk> 120dB
No overall negative feedback
Headphone output port supports impedance: 32Ω-600Ω



DSV (digital volume smooth control) technology
In order to avoid the general volume control for the left and right stereo separation and balance of impact, adjust the volume control through the micro control unit, and more smooth.


Diamond buffered output stage
Diamond has a very high buffering capacity of the power supply, but also in the case of extremely low distortion provides a very low output impedance.


No overall negative feedback
No overall negative feedback can be reduced by designing the film back to the headphone amplifier feedback effect, which can cause distortion back aid, especially in the highly dynamic situation.


Constant current supply technologies
Constant current supply technology to provide a stable and low-impedance current source, so that the sound has a highly crisp detail.

MOSFET constant current supply regulator
A constant current supply voltage MOSFET components at very low ripple current and impedance can supply more electricity than the average regulator IC.

Eliminate mutual interference between channels through digital control unit, ensuring high resolution between left and right channels.


OP interchangeable design
Users can switch to a different OP based on their experience or listen to the audio characteristics of the device.


Headphone output x 1 (6.3mm TRS), a digital volume control, support for up to 600Ω impedance headphones
Sound output selection button * 1
Sound output indicator LED * 2 (HP, LINE)
Power selector switch * 1
Power Box In * 1 (5-pin DIN)
AC power supply input * 1 (15V 1V)
Input impedance: 47KΩ
Gain: 15dB
Frequency response: 20Hz - 20KHz
Crosstalk> 120dB
THD <0.001%
Output Power: 700 + 700mW @ 32Ω (distortion of less than 1%)
Size: 193 * 54 * 148mm

TempoTec Fantasia HP * 1
User Manual * 1
15V Transformer * 1
Customer Reply Card * 1
6.3mm to 3.3mm Adapter * 1

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