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TempoTec HiFier Serenade HP HiFi Headphone Amplifier Pre-Amplifier

  • FlexGain Technology
  • RealFreq Technology
  • IndepCross Technology
  • Innovative design approach

Serenade HP is a high end Headphone amplifier / speaker combo preamplifier products.


Innovative design approach, to subvert the analog amplification equipment design. One solution to the problems of headphone amplification equipment design, you can not solve the left and right channel frequency signal noncontrolling each string of problems! Let the headset can also hear the true voice.

User-friendly design approach, Serenade HP has turned slow release audio gain function, can effectively protect your beloved headphones. Preferences memory function, can record before you shut down the last of usage, eliminating the need to re-adjust. Headphone preamp automatic allocation function, when the headphone access the device will automatically disconnect the speaker connections.


FlexGain Technology
Promise magnification provided by the micro-computer control unit, provides -90dB ~ 0,0 ~ + 30dB two-stage control of the physical level.

IndepCross Technology
Digital control unit and preamp unit, complete eradicate mutual interference of left and right channel, ensure stereo separation of left and right channel.

RealFreq Technology
Realistic neutral circuit design, ensure High, Medium, Low frequencydistributions of feeling moderately balanced sound premise optimization.

Product Type: Portable portable amp
Output Power: 1.5W
Output Current: 700 mA (mono)
Input Interface: RCA
Output Interface: RCA
Headphone Adapter Impedance: 32 Ohm -600 Ohm
Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.0021%
Stereo separation: -98dB
Dimensions: 120X85X55
Weight: 0.4kg
Input Power: 12V / 1A



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