TEMPOTEC Serenade DSD/DXD 32Bit / 384KHz High-Resolution Music Workstation USB Sound Card

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  • DSV Technology
  • Built-in high-quality DAC
  • Support ASIO / WASAPI driver
  • Direct part HP AMP Technology



Serenade DSD/DXD/ High-Resolution music Workstation is designed for high resolution music production.

 It is a complete package consisting of Serenade 384 KHz USB 2.0 Audio Interface, a Digital Audio Workstation, a DSD/DXD Effect Plugin Bundle and a DSD&PCM Bi-directional Converter software.

Serenade Workstation provides: Providing a USB audio interface which supports up to 32 Bit/384 KHz (which can playback DXD) and native playback support for 4 kinds DSD resolutions: DSD64,DSD128,DSD256 and DSD512. Providing a DAW and plug-ins that work at 32 Bit/352.8KHz and 32 Bit/384 KHz resolution, allowing for nearly lossless conversion to DSD. This makes DSD an editable format, allowing for mixing and mastering.

Providing the entire solution at a very affordable price of $999, far less than any other DSD/DXD workstation - and even lower than a lot of common mixing/mastering solutions. The Portable Solution, Hi-Res Music Production Everywhere - With Your Laptop Serenade Workstation features a USB audio interface which is very small in size (12cm*12cm*3cm), and can be directly powered by USB or battery powered.

This makes the whole workstation very portable. Your laptop is the entire workstation - no need to carry extra equipment or an over-sized computer. What's more, the Plug-in Bundle is also designed with portability in mind. As we all know, laptop's CPUs normally have less computing power than desktop PCs, and when running higher resolutions such as 32 Bit/352.8KHz, the cost of computing power can be nearly 10 times as much as when working with 16 Bit/44.1KHz resolutions.

 The Serenade Workstation has specially designed plugins which not only work well under 32 Bit/384 KHz, they create far less of a load for your CPU. Our Testing Labs have shown that modern laptops with a quad core CPUs can mix 32 tracks in the DXD/DSD format with no problems.

DSV Technology
Built-in high-quality DAC
High accuracy active crystal
Support ASIO / WASAPI driver
Independent control technology
Direct part HP AMP Technology
Built CMI6632 USB controller chip
USB power supply noise isolation technology
Straight Dual balanced design binaural release

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