TeraDak X2 24Bit / 96KHz USB to Coaxial Converter

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  • Support for PCM format HIFI 2 channel format
  • Tantalum capacitor as a power supply filter SMD
  • Support for I2S signal long-distance transmission
  • Can use USB or external power supply transformer



1 support for PCM format HIFI 2 channel format, AC3 multi-channel digital signal sampling rate, bit rate, support to 24Bit, 96K Hz, support ASIO.

2 drive has been written into the machine hardware, XP, vista, win7, MAC systems are compatible, plug-and-play.

3 the TENOR TE7022 chip, without format conversion directly receiving multiple digital audio signal flow. Bit rate, the sampling rate to the 24Bit support, 96K Hz.

4 support for PCM format HIFI 2 channel format, AC3 multi-channel digital signal.

5 chip driver has written the machine hardware, compatible with WIN2000, XP, vista, win7, MAC system

6 the precision of 12 Mhz 1ppm TCXO ( TCXO ) as the TE7022 master clock, achieve the lowest jitter distortion.

7 adopts a plurality of Sanyo OS-CON solid capacitor, tantalum capacitor as a power supply filter SMD.

8 output drive using 26c31.

The 9.I2S's output buffer chip, support for I2S signal long-distance transmission.

10 kinds of output interface: BNC, I2S, RCA coaxial output, output optical fiber.

11: you can use USB or external power supply transformer, an external power supply through LT1084 voltage, voltage to the circuit power supply.

Dimensions: length * width * height ( not including the prominent part of =100*70*25 mm )

Weight: 170 grams


Technical Parameters:

POWER:USB status indicator, recognition after Chang Liang

Coaxial BNC:BNC coaxial output

Coaxial RCA:RCA coaxial output

Optical: optical output

USB in:USB input interface (B USB )

IIS OUT:IIS network digital signal output

POWER: power selection switch

EXTRA: the external power supply power supply

USB:USB export supply

DC 8-12V: the external DC power supply socket ( the standard without external power supply, can be purchased separately. Specification of power supply: output voltage 8-12V, output current of 50mA-5A, suggested that the choice of traditional silicon transformer )



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