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  • Support Native DSD512 PCM 32bit768kHz
  • Use one AK4497 working for one sound channel in D70
  • Various inputs: AES, USB, Optical, coaxal which all support up to 24bit192K input
  • D70 use 2 x ACCUSILICON femtosecond crystal to make the Jitter lower
  • D70 has both balanced XLR and single ended RCA output.

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High Resolution Music
Support Native DSD512 PCM 32bit768kHz

Dual AK4497
We use one AK4497 working for one sound channel in D70. So the sound and channel separation will much better than the situation of using only one piece of AK4497.

AK4118 Receiver
A44118 is the jitter lowest S/PDIF receiver at present.It has good compatibility which used to receive optical,coaxal, AES signals up to 24bit/192kHz.

Various Input Ports
D70 has various inputs: AES, USB, Optical, coaxal which all support up to 24bit192K input. And both USB and IIS support 32bit768k & DSD512 input. It' s worth mentioning that D70 is able to be compatible with the most of IIS signals by setting in the menu.

Selectable output port
D70 has both balanced XLR and single ended RCA output.It can be set as XLR output only, RCA output only, or both XLR and RCA output, which are much more conveniently for your usage in the multiple systems .

Voltage selector switch
115V for AC 100V-120V 50/60Hz, 230V for AC220V- 240V 50/60Hz.

D70 use 2 x ACCUSILICON femtosecond crystal to make the Jitter lower.

4 x 3300uF nichicon FW capacitance provide energy reserves for the AK4497, and 8 x nichicon Muse capacitance are coupling output signals of it.

The Ultralow-noise low- dropout linear regulators TPS7A4701 and TPS7A3301 provide power for D70, bringing you "a darker background".

The output circuit is built up with L ME49720 OP-AMP ,Vishay high precision resistor and WIMA capacitance,which providing you a better performance.

D70 has an internal volume controlling function which can adjust the volume from -99dB to 0dB. Thus you can connect D70 to amplifier, multicenter amplifier, or power speaker to enjoy the music with the remote control.

DAC Application
Volume controlling function also can be shut off.Then D70 keep the max output at 4Vrms(XLR)&2Vrms(RCA)output, it works as a native DAC.

Measured:25.0cmx 19.5cmx 5.0cm
Weight:1.9 Kg
Power input:AC110V/AC220V 50Hz/60Hz
Line Out output:XLR/RCA


Specifications support:
USB IN: 44.1kHz- 768kHz/16Bit-32Bit. DSD64-DSD512(Native)、DSD64-DSD256 (DOP)
IIS IN: 44.1kHz- 768kHz/16Bit-32Bit、DSD64-DSD512
COAX/OPT/AES IN: 44. 1kHz-192kHz/16Bit-24Bit

D70 analog output parameters:


THD+N:<0.0004% @ 1kHz A-weighting
SNR:>118dB @A-weighting
Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz(±0.9dB)
Output Voltage:2Vrms @ 0dBFS
Crosstalk:-125dB @1kHz


THD+N:<0.0004% @ 1kHz A-weighting
SNR:>127dB @A-weighting
Frequency Response:20Hz-20kHz(±0.9dB)
Output Voltage:4Vrms @ 0dBFS
Crosstalk:-137dB @1kHz


Contents List:

D70 *1
Remote controI*1
USB cable*1
AC cable*1
User' s manual*1
Warranty card*1

Customer Questions & Answers


Can you tell me how to get the proper I2s settings for this (D-70) on the latest version of the Singxer SU-1

6/25/19 8:36 PM Asked.

Hi Bill, The pin 16 of SU-1 needs to be set High level to be compatible with D70. Then DSD_ON selects 14 or 15, just like the setting of D70. If the pin 16 of SU-1 is Low level, it cannot be used with the IIS LVDS interface. Thank you!

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