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Topping TP31 15WPC Class T TA2024 Digital Amplifier + Coaxial DAC

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  • Manually switch headset to avoid frequent disassembly
  • Facilitate the dead of night without disturbing others rest
  • Support digital coaxial and traditional RCA analog signal input
  • Support for 32kHz-192kHz ,16-24bit, PCM format digital coaxial signal

TP31 is the company introduced the multi-functional digital decoder amplifier, set the high-power T amplifier, decoder and high-fidelity headphone amplifier coaxial to one.
TP31 stylish, the internal use of good design, the industry's leading chip-scale high fidelity sound quality HIFI device to your computer, digital players, DVD players and other audio-visual products to provide value widely perfect sound quality.

The amplifier part of the company by the United States TRIPATH DPP technology to achieve the lowest cost leap in sound quality

digital amplifier, the whole sound quality comparable to three thousand yuan on the level of conventional power amplifier;
Built-in high-fidelity coaxial decoder, support for 32kHz-192kHz ,16-24bit, PCM format digital coaxial signal;
Built-in high-fidelity headphone amplifier to facilitate the dead of night without disturbing others rest;
Between the headphone amplifier and power amplifier to manually switch the headset to avoid frequent disassembly;



Amplifier output power: 15W @ 4Ω, 10% THD + N; about 10W @ 8Ω, 10% THD + N
Amplifier Distortion: 0.03% THD + N @ 9W/4Ω
Efficiency power amplifier chip: 81% @ 15W, 4Ω; 90% @ 10W, 8Ω
Amplifier section contains the switch mute circuit, overheat protection circuit, the speaker protection circuit
Amp output power: 60mW @ 16Ω, 1% THD + N; 120W @ 32Ω, 1% THD + N
Amp Distortion: 0.01% THD + N @ 100mW/32Ω
Decoder distortion: 0.0019% @ 1kHz (96kHz sampling frequency coaxial signal when)
Voltage standard: Global General
Dimensions (excluding protrusions): Length 106mm * 42mm * Deep 180mm High


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Jun 17, 2013 8:04:23 PM
Bought this to power a pair of paradigm mini monitors as my computer speakers. This amp pumps way more sound than I was expecting! It gets loud enough to be painful without distorting. This amp also has incredible sound, it is very well balanced with my speakers.