Topping TPD2 Headphone Amplifier + USB DAC + Coaxial + Optical Decoder

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  • Supports up to 4 types of input signals
  • Can drive headphones of 32 ohm to 600 ohm
  • A new generation multi-function extension product decoder
  • Aluminum chassis using CNC machining centers precision machining


TP-D2 is a new generation multi-function extension product decoder, the decoder sets coaxial, fiber optic decoder, USB external sound card and headphone amplifier as one; in the small of the volume, can be used as multi-channel headphone amplifier input, multi- the first amplifier input, or input of the all-around multi-decoder to use, the use of very wide scope.


supports up to 4 types of input signals: analog, digital coaxial signal, digital optical signals and USB signals, covering all the common signal;
with double line and headphone output to connect to other devices, headphone output can drive headphones of 32 Euro to 600 Euro;
built-in USB chips, can be used as high-fidelity external sound card to replace the original sound card using the computer;
aluminum chassis using CNC machining centers precision machining, CNC machined with solid knobs, giving you superior visual impact and operation of hand.



Size: about 106mm * 40mm * 171mm (excluding protrusions);
about 115mm * 45mm * 205mm (including protrusions)
G.W.: 1.2kg
N.W.:650g(without power Adapter)
Line out Output signal strength: 1.85Vrms
Distortion: <0.0025%
Frequency response :20-20000Hz ± 0.3dB
Output Impedance: 200Ω
Headphone Amplifier parts:
Output power: 123mW 10% THD + N (32Ω)
Distortion: <0.0028% @ 75mW (32Ω); <0.0027% @ 54mW (300Ω)
Frequency response :20-20000Hz ± 0.3dB
Input Sensitivity: 1.5V

Customer Questions & Answers


Please be so kind specify which DAC chip is used?  (and correct headphone values from "Euro" to "Ohm")

5/6/17 10:22 AM Asked.

Hi Paul,the DAC chip is ad1852.Thank you.

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