Valab AM3 50WPC Stereo Power Integrated Amplifier Value Sound Chip Amplifier

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  • Very Low Noise and stable circuit
  • Four LM3886 paralleling power stage
  • Offer comprehensive speaker protection
  • Well tuned parts usage and very stable circuit



We promise to offer real high fidelity audio amplifiers to customers in real world price. In past years, we try to get a real good sound amplifier and it can be offered at economy price. AM3 is our answer to this goal. This is the best sound chip amp we ever heard before! Its is a small amp without very expensive parts usage and seems no real innovative design inside!

While its sound performance change our mind. If you are searching for a price compromised, middle power amplifier but you thirst for very high quality sound performance. This amplifier will not let you down. You will trust Valab choice again.        

Signal amplification section:

    2 stage opamp based design, first stage for buffering and second stage for amplification. This is quite classic design which you can seen on MBL preamplifier. 
    This product have very matured design in this section, well tuned parts usage and very stable circuit. 

Three LM3886 paralleling power stage: 
Valab do not like chip amp before. When we get first glance to design of this amp, we even do not have any interesting to evaluate it. 

    The designer of this amp convince us to listen to this amp. Its sound total change our mine. We hear so transparent, warmth and detail sound, just like best SE tube amp.

Profuse Power Supply:
   This is a 50W output amp, but it equip a 200W big transformer and very dedicate voltage regulator circuit. You will never seen similar design at amplifier of this price range. 
Very Low Noise and stable circuit.
We do not hear any hiss/humming from our 103db Altec 604 based speaker. Very few amplifier can have so low noise performance.

Speaker protection Design:
     This amplifier have delayed 30 seconds output to avoid noise spikes during the early seconds of power up. And also it equip DC sensing protection circuit. 

     It will block output when ever DC sensed, offering comprehensive speaker protection. 

One Month Evaluation Time:
     Valab offer one month evaluation time for this integrated amplifier. If you do not agree its sound or quality, just ship it back. You will get full refund. 
     We have 100% confidence to this product. 

     It sound like very high grade single ended tube amp, transparent, warm and very detail. I use it to drive Prineer CS-51 bookshelf speaker on my working desk. 

     Its sound always break my work and bring me wonderful music listening experience.    

Distortion:  Less than .1% at 20W output. 

Signal to Noise Ratio: Greater than 100 dB. 
Bandwidth:  1 dB down from 10 Hz to 10MHz. 
Input Impedance: 50K
Gain:  20 dB. 
Power input: Both 100/120v and 220/240V offered (switch selectable)
Inputs:  2 sets, Outputs:  Stereo speaker output 
Weight: 8.7KG
Dimension: 275 x 80 x 370mm ( W x H x D)

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