Weiduka AC8.2 3000W 15A Advanced Audio Power filter

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  • The instructions in the dial out
  • 4 high gold-plated universal socket
  • 15A automatic circuit overload protection device
  • The zero line and the phase line (FireWire) is reverse




1.16A automatic circuit overload protection device.

2.4 high gold-plated universal socket (product plug), four high-quality imported American Standard double reed socket.

3.Filter with 8 output sockets, each socket has a filter anti-interference function, the left four output sockets without switch control, for AV amplifiers, combined power amplifier, power amplifier stage is pure, need to burn around the clock machine or used for other purposes. 4.4-bit output jack on the right by the switch control, for CD, DVD, LD, TUENR (coordinator), the former stage amplifier, AUX (auxiliary jack), etc. to use. Output power is 3000W.

5.Innovative ground, phase line (FireWire) automatic detection indicating circuit, it can detect your wall outlet is grounded line, the zero line and the phase line (FireWire) is reversed, and the instructions in the dial out.


1. Designed with four American private power outlet and more than four with a power outlet, to meet different needs.

 2. Using high-quality high-purity copper wire to reduce the transmission loss, increase energy supply rate.

 3. With professional-grade power outlet, copper thick, flexibility, and access to close, effectively reduce the reflection of current electric shock and loss,

 It is also important to ensure good sound quality, ad hoc voltage indicator.

 4. Capacitor filter using high-quality, music soft and transparent, good sound field.

 5. With replaceable power cord, ready to be upgraded according to their personality.

 6. With lightning protection and overcurrent protection devices, practical and safe.

Accessories: power cord, a manual


 Note: When the electrical equipment than the rated current of 15A, the overcurrent protection device automatically cut off the power socket; If you need to restart the power supply first to electrical equipment from the wall socket, and then click the button to reset the overcurrent protection devices can be.


Technical Parameters:

Rated voltage: AC220V/50HZ

Maximum load power: 3000W

Maximum current: 15A

Dimensions: length 330 * W 130 * H 110 (MM)

Weight:  2.7KG



A Weiduka AC8.2 Power Purifier Filter


A power cable


A manual

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