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Yulong Audio U200 WiFi Module 32Bit/384KHz WiFi Digital Interface

  • Support 32Bit/384KHz
  • Can use with U200 decoder 
  • Support iPhone/Android phones
  • Support tablet PCs/NAS, network media servers

YuLong U200 WiFi digital interface, supports 32/384 DSD source output, support iPhone, Android phones, tablet PCs, NAS, network media servers. Can be used with U200 decoder uses.



WiFi Module Instructions
WiFi module must be connected to the USB port and WiFi power supply portprior of turning on U200. After power on, WiFi module will initialize.

Go to WiFi setting in your phone or tablet, search for WiFi device named YULONG Audio, connect it, open your music playback software and choose YULONG Audio as default output/rendering device, and now you can enjoy music played back from U200.

AirPlay is recommended for iOS and BubbleUPnP is recommended for Android system. Of course you can choose your favorite playback software, as long as it can define the output device.

It might be more convenience when you add the WiFi module in your local network

iOS user can search the APP named YULONG Audio, while Android user can download the APP from:

In the first use please confirm the WiFi module connected to U200’S USB port and WiFi power supply port, then turn on the power of U200. Then go to WiFi setting in your phone/tablet, search for WiFi device named YULONG Audio, connect it, and open the installed APP.

Go to Device Setup

Choose device named YULONG Audio

Select Client Mode

Choose your WiFi network and input the authentication code.

When complete successfully, now you can use U200 as output device in the playback software.

IF the setting was wrong, please press the reset button on the WiFi module for 10 seconds then release, and it will reset.

If you can’t install the APP, you can connect the WiFi module by access to IP address

You can create a media server from your computer or your NAS, and play music from media server by choosing it in the playback software. For example you can create a media server using Foobar2000 via UPnP. Please set up media server by yourself.

If the WiFi connection fails or drops from time to time, if could be caused by channel interference. Please power cycle the WiFi module to reassign a channel.


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Feb 2, 2018 2:15:14 AM
mean u200 wifi usb output connect to singxer usb input!singxer i2s out connect to dac.
Feb 2, 2018 2:15:14 AM
Dear balli,it can't.Thank you.
Feb 1, 2018 10:15:19 PM
hi!can work with singxer f1???
Feb 1, 2018 10:15:19 PM
Dear balli,it can't.It have no coaxial.Thank you.

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