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Zephone Apollo EL-15 Fever Shure SE Series Headphone Upgraded Cable

  • Has a strong penetration
  • Pure sound and smooth rich texture
  • Significantly improved sound resolution
  • Strong smooth sound full frequency response


Length: 120cm ± 5cm
Weight: 60g
Material: Silver Plated OFC
Color: red and blue, blue, red, green, purple black
Suitable for: Shure SE535\425\555及UE900

Strong smooth sound full frequency response
Using 6N flat silver plated copper material design tilting Young
Pure sound and smooth rich texture, and has a strong penetration, a significant improvement in terms of low frequency extension and sense of space.

For SE535
Full frequency response can heal strong voice, significantly improved sound resolution, full-frequency resolving power, dynamic sense and transient response, obviously under the original line 535 to eliminate audible sound defects, such as a hard low frequency, high frequency scattered, less overtones etc., and ultra-high transmission rate of Apollo, earplugs can reduce sound pollution, sound fidelity is improved.

For UE900
Similarly heal ue900 voice response, weakening too overly prominent part and improve depression, dark parts such as the elimination of intermediate frequency is too thick, improve the high frequency overtones and continuity, and enhance the sense of speed of sound, etc., but also improve the sound field will ue900 to a more broad, so sounds not so irritable.


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