ZERO 627U 24Bit / 192KHz USB Decoder + Headphone Amplifier

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  • Zero 627U with USB function.
  • The sound effect is greately improved
  • Improved the power section to eliminate static disturbance
  • Readjust and refine the analogy circuit to improve its function

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Recevial chip CS8416 
Decode Chip AD1852 
Analogy Opamp chip: OPA627 
S/N ratio 105dB 
Distortion 0.0005% 
dynamic range: 117dB 
Frequency Response 20Hz-30KHz
analogy output frequency: 2V 
Imput port: one digital optical fibre imput 
one digital coaxial imput 
Output port: one RCA analogy un-balance output 
one 6.3mm headphone signal output 
power imput voltage: 110V/220V
Net weight:3kg

Customer Questions & Answers


Hi, is the input switch present?    Thank you.

9/1/17 12:16 AM Asked.

Hi Nick,yes,it has.Thank you.

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