ZY HiFi Cable 3.5mm Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable Noah's Ark + Plug Canare F12 ZY-009 Silver

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  • This is a top line of 3.5 pairs of record
  • Thick, warm tone, sound natural beauty
  • Full-band performance is more outstanding

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Wire: copper silver alloy wire strip high-purity oxygen-free copper + silver-wrapped wire
Plug: CANARE F12
This is a top line of 3.5 pairs of record,
we are much respected in the alloy of copper and silver braided line developed on the basis of.
Compared with the original line, will greatly improve the resolving power, full-band performance is more outstanding.
Thick, warm tone, sound natural beauty.
Treble bright and smooth, resolution of higher end like the power better,
clearer hierarchy; Alto plump and moist, elegant; bass strong feeling in rich, full tension.
HIFI of both musical and both are well manifested in the richness of musical color
and appeal, and can greatly limit the advantages to the equipment to the limit.
Length: 10CM

Customer Questions & Answers

Milton Thompson
Milton Thompson

Is this a good choice to connect my aloe audio amp to my acoustic research mr2 portable music player, thank you for your help, hoping to hear from you soon.   With kind regards   Milton

6/24/16 3:01 PM Asked.

Hi Milton,Thanks for your support.Thank you.

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