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ZY HiFi Cable HiFi Quality Cable 2XLR Male to RCA Male Cables 2XLR to 2RCA Balance Signal Line ZY-021

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  • 2-terminal extension is better, faster
  • In the sense of low volume and texture and taste
  • Strong sense of hierarchy, wide frequency response
Name: 2RCA to 2XLR-M signal lines (Premium Edition)
Lotus revolution XLR male
Wire: Palic balanced signal line
Material: silver-plated oxygen-free copper core 4
Connector: XLR-Palic single crystal copper XLR; RCA-Palic (sheath of silver)
Features: resolution of a good, clear detail,
strong sense of hierarchy, wide frequency response,
2-terminal extension is better, faster, in the sense of low volume and texture and taste.
Unbalanced RCAjack for connecting balanced outputdevice (3-pin XLR) input
device (amp / amplifier / activemonitoring box).
Length: 1M


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Jun 15, 2013 2:50:26 PM
These are the only "high quality" converter cables I own so I don't have any comparisons to tell if the price is justifiable , but they work really well. No hissing, no popping or noticeable sound loss. I'm using these in line from my NuForce HDP amp to Yamaha HS80 monitors. The sound is far superior than what I was using before, which was a cheap M-audio DAC with XLR cables. Everything about that set up was cheap so I can't fully say if these cables are the reason for the better sound , or my NuForce amp, but overall this combination works well with no problem.

These are very tough looking cables, they sure look the cost. Very strong connectors on both ends and a strong and thick cord. They look to be of higher quality than the cheaper generic conversion connectors for a much lesser price.

FYI - these ship from China so it does take a week or so to get these. No express shipping either. Also make sure you order these to a home and not a work or business address. Just don't.