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ZY HiFi Cable Monster 3.5mm Male to Female Headphone Extension Cable ZY-012

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  • Single crystal four-core twisted-pair copper (6N)
  • Professional headphone extension cable upgrade
  • Full of powerful low frequency, smooth sound transparent
Name: Professional headphone extension cable upgrade
Wire: Monster cable
Material: single crystal four-core twisted-pair copper (6N)
Plugs: Neutrik imported
Jack: Neutrik OEM factory produced
Features: high resolvingpower, smooth sound transparent, clearand full of layered detail; IF moist,magnetic voice; full of powerful low frequency.
Length: 1M


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May 5, 2018 11:35:00 PM
What is the copper gauge (AWG) used for the Monster Cable? Also, is this cable shielded or unshield?

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Duane A. Beyers
Jun 14, 2013 5:13:52 PM
i bought this wire cuz i needed an extension wire for my Sennheiser MM60 iP Mobile Headset. I keep my walkman in my pocket and I go though alot of cables cuz of the bend the cable gets at the connection eventually shorting it out. Anyone who uses a MP3 player knows this is an all to common problem. I bought the MM60s because they are very nice headhones and because i can change out the cable instead of throwing good headphones away that otherwise would still work if not for a shorted cable. The cable the headphones came with, the section with the mic , which is the section that plugs into the walkman only lasted a few months. i was then obtaining extention cables from walmart at about $4 each.Belkins, they were of 6ft length and did not last much longer than the orginal wire it came with. I found this cable on shenzhenaudio.com and thought i would give it a try. it is a good length and very well made. Including nylon braiding. I have used it longer than any other ext cable and it seems to show no wear. the only downside is its a little on the heavy side, to where you notice the tug on your headphones. I set up a clip for it, i attach its connector to my t shirt collar to resolve this. btw.... the MM60s are the old Sennheiser PX 100s before they changed the design .btw#2 i never used the mic.....